Tip 2: Start sketching out your website design

Yup, we are now ready to bring your website to life. This next bit is the easiest of it all. This is where we go with the standard stuff – logo, menu bars, footer, main area and the lot. And, … Continue reading

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Tip 1a: Still banging on about Post-it Notes

Post tip1 and pre tip2 Right, you gave me all that twaddle about post-it notes. Point taken Mr Owner, Director, Marketing manager, IT dude who has just inherited this web thing. But incidentally my competitors are right now shelling out … Continue reading

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What will 2010 bring?

First things first, goodbye 2009, we are not going to miss you. What a year it has been. 2009 was difficult, challenging, testing and requiring one to run faster and faster just to stand still. Good, decent, upstanding and respectable … Continue reading

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Flexidry is a winning floor screed!

Not often you get to work on a project that has so many positives. A year ago screed was something that we would walk on. Since we have started working with the folks at Flexidry Global we have come to … Continue reading

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Patteson spreads wings and flies the nest.

Mike came to us a year ago to learn a thing or two about the internet. I could immediately see that there was potential. So I started stacking up things to stretch him. He got right down to business and … Continue reading

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Why do business with IMRE ?

I went into three sales meetings this week and was asked the same question three times! “Why do business with Imre?” I think I gave some waffle as I had to think on my feet, on reflection, I should have … Continue reading

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Kudos for Imre, referred by RapidHost

Before we talk about Rapidhost, let me state this: Some hosting companies are truly very difficult to deal with. I will give you a clue and an example. Clue: Carry out the mathematical operation on the company name and the … Continue reading

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2009 Recession busters?

Ran in into Alan King, who we have blogged about before, and he was a bit full of gloom and doom. We all get a bit like this don’t we? Alan has many many contacts in Banking, Industry and Engineering…… … Continue reading

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The power of the web to spread the word…

Now I am sure that everyone has heard at some point something similar to: “You must start blogging! It’s an incredible tool to spread the word!” and equally we are all constantly hearing things like “Twitter can project your voice … Continue reading

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The Paradiddles way to survive

Paradiddles were our first customer, way back in 2003. The internet was humming, Ebay was a real opportunity for small business owners and things looked good. In 2007 and 2008 the wheels came off for retailers on the high street. … Continue reading

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  • Client Testimonials

    We used Imre Limited after discussions with Paul about our web-site left us confident he could help. We have used several other web-site companies in the past which cost us thousands of pounds for their services but didn’t deliver what we wanted. We have been that impressed with Paul he also built two further sites for us, manages our emails and our server and we are also in discussions with him over further business opportunities we believe he can help us with. We have recommended Paul and Imre Ltd onto clients and family members, who have been equally pleased, and we are happy to continue recommending him over and above any other web company. Thanks Paul!
    Ben Wilkes
    David Wilkes Financial Services Limited

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